Black Hole mod for Minecraft on Android

How to get a?
Black holes will not appear naturally in the game world and can be obtained using a crafting recipe or by entering the command / give @s void: black_hole 64

The black hole will attract any mobs and the player, if you are not very careful it will pull you in and absorb everything that you have in your inventory. All things from your inventory will simply disappear and you will no longer be able to pick them up. The black hole can be used as a universal inventory cleaner or block destroyer.

How to destroy?
This modification has the ability to destroy a black hole, you can do this if you hit it with your hand, but be careful not to get too close. It can also be pushed by a piston, which will simplify the process of destruction.

IMPORTANT!!! For the modification to work, be sure to turn on the EXPERIMENTAL game mode in the world settings.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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