Biome Mod for Explorers | ZALCYAN’S QUEST for Minecraft

With fashion Biomes for Explorers (ZALCYAN’S QUEST) You will definitely not get bored in Mineraft Bedrock Edition, as it will add a lot of interesting things to the game – new monsters, items, blocks and entire biomes.

Functions of the mod ZALCYAN’S QUEST

Gulumar |  Biome mod for explorers

Here is one of the new biomes – Gulumar. Once upon a time, ancient newcomers lived here. Now there are few of them left in Minecraft Bedrock, and even then, crazy guys. As soon as they see the hero, they start shooting with spheres, which explode when hit.

Aliens |  Biome mod for explorers

The biome itself is a cluster of giant (by the way, poisonous) mushrooms that glow in the dark.

Tower with a chest |  Biome mod for explorers

One of the biome structures in Minecraft is a tall tower. If you open the chest at the top, you will call the boss to battle.

Boss |  Biome mod for explorers

Sword |  Biome mod for explorers

The boss is pretty darn cool and interesting to play. The fight will have two phases. The first happens as usual, and in the second, the summoned boss gets full immunity to any projectiles. In addition, it has a unique feature even for Minecraft for Android – he pits mobs against each other. There is a chance to get a cool sword.

Lorlands |  Biome mod for explorers

Scorpions |  Biome mod for explorers

Rider |  Biome mod for explorers

The volcanic biome of Lorlands is inhabited by creatures that look like scorpions. During the day they are harmless, and at night they begin to hunt. If you are eager, you can ride them.

Crystals |  Biome mod for explorers

Alien with sword |  Biome mod for explorers

An accumulation of dazzling crystals prepares surprises for you, including unpleasant ones.

Biome Miren |  Biome mod for explorers

The last of three highly original biomes will be Miren, which is inhabited by Mili’s creatures.

Miles |  Biome mod for explorers

There are two variants of these Miles. The first is neutral towards the player. When approaching, they will whip a potion with invisibility. In order not to disappear, carry diamonds in your hand. The dudes in brown are Miley’s warriors. Here they will already be hostile to the player. They also drink a potion of invisibility.

Moths |  Biome mod for explorers

In ordinary deserts Minecraft PE Leah – huge moths will spawn. By the way, rarely. To mod worked, be sure to activate the experimental settings for the card. Have a good game!

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