biome mod 1.17, 1.16 for Minecraft PE download

Mod yBiomesCraft will transform the classic world Minecraft PEby adding to it over 20 new biomes… Thanks to the new locations, many structures for exploration will open up, which will dilute the boring routine of survival. All biomes differ not only in the quality of execution, but also in visual design:

  • A swampy river with tall trees and dense thickets.
  • Mountain ranges with icy plants.
  • Cherry forests are overflowing with bee hives and beautiful flowers, you can pick berries on the go and satisfy your hunger.
  • Frosty areas of frozen trees and insanely beautiful crystalline formations.
  • A mythical oasis that rarely appears in desert locations.

yBiomesCraft addon

This is not a complete list of territories added to the game. Mod on biomes makes you take a completely new look at boring landscapes and give a lot of positive emotions from their exploration. We recommend you download yBiomesCraft and start an adventure in unknown places.

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