Ben 10 v4.0 Addon / Mod for Minecraft PE

Ben 10 v4.0 Addon / Mod PE

Ben 10 v4.0 Addon for new adventures, story and plot for our beloved Minecraft PE game.

Ben is a new character, he and his friends will be able to save the world and the Earth. The whole point is in Ben, he got the super ability to turn into an alien, in this form he can defeat any monster or enemy. The mod adds many new characters to the game, monsters, mobs, cars, weapons and the rest. I have not seen such large and cool additions with their own unique idea for a long time. I advise you to try it, it’s worth it. You will find interesting adventures and in quarantine you will know what to do. Anyone can find out more information on the add-on and its details by watching the video review and a number of screenshots.


If you like it, please write your opinion and share the link with a friend. The site has a huge number of mods and other add-ons for any topic and for different versions of Minecraft. Use the site search. Good luck!

– Required Minecraft 1.16 – 1.11.
– Enable Experimental Gameplay for Beta;
– Download the archive and unpack it.
– Install McAddon or McPack files, just open it;
– Select new textures in the settings;
– It’s done.

Light version
Ben 10 v4.0 Addon / Mod PE
Full version
Ben 10 v4.0 Addon / Mod PE

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