Bedrocktimize mod for Minecraft

Bedrocktimize – this is mod to optimize settings Minecraft Pocket Edition… Addition provides access to many installations and organizes convenient use on the corresponding panels. In addition, the interface of the initial screen – the main menu – is changed, keeping the vanilla style.

How it works?
Few people know that some of the game settings are hidden. The assembly not only adds the ability to change them, but also places them on the panels for quick access. Specific settings will open up new possibilities for users.


  • Player
  • Graphics
  • Extended video
  • Fourth menu for information

Quick switches
Now you only need one button to switch to F5 mode – it couldn’t be easier. No need for dropdowns anymore.

Game settings

Natural Effects
The add-on removes many effects that interfere with users: for example, creepers will not hide in tall grass, and the view in the underwater world will be cleared of fog.

  • Low plants
  • Removing fog in water
  • Pentagonal path blocks
  • Clock and compass on screen
  • Updating the home screen
  • Chest screen addons
  • Armor and left-hand slots in the toolbar
  • Transparent spyglass
  • Transparent pumpkin
  • Improved glass
  • Many small changes

Additional packages
So far, there is only one additional assembly available for this mod. Note that it needs to be positioned above the main assembly.

Additional packages

Improved draw distance
Now you can reduce the draw distance even further – down to one block. This will significantly increase the number of frames per second, since the mobs will stop loading. Download this assembly separately.

Improved draw distance
Deep fog in the forest

Changes in the new version

  • Transparent trumpet and pumpkin backgrounds available
  • Changed the texture of the lighthouses
  • Changed graphics and design
  • Bugs fixed

Supported versions

1.17 (beta)

1.16.220 (beta)

1.16.210 (beta)


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