Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack 1.8.9

A pack specifically made to honor Bedless Noob’s 450,000th subscriber is the Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack 1.8.9. This pack’s amazing work is undoubtedly a worthy award.

Many PvP gamers still choose to use Minecraft 1.8.9 over the newest versions. This is because this version has been regarded as the most enjoyable, particularly in PvP.

There are no slashing delays in this version. It was all about using whatever weapon or item in your inventory to hack, slash, and perform combinations as quickly as you could to prevail in battle.

What is Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack 1.8.9

Yuruze made this fantastic PvP Texture Pack to honor his friend Bedless Noob’s 450,000th subscriber.

Given that Minecraft isn’t exactly in its prime anymore, it’s a fantastic accomplishment. It is even better because of this.

It has several tastefully crafted bespoke weapons and armor that are suitable for intense PvP combat. Additionally, it operates at 128x resolution, ensuring that it seems sleek and polished.

Even with the high resolution, it still operates quite quickly. Faster than you can say “slay,” you can perform combinations and smear some smites in the face of your adversaries.

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Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack Review

Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack 1.8.9 Download

The Bedless Noob 450k Bedwars Pack for Minecraft is available for legitimate downloads below. 

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