Basic skyblock card | TheBasictype’s SkyBlock for Minecraft

TheBasictype’s SkyBlock map can really be called one of the most difficult to pass in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, because the author did everything to make it so.

Island on the map |  Basic skyblock card

Let’s start with the fact that TheBasictype’s SkyBlock card has practically no description from the author in Minecraft PE… All that is known is the presence of a small number of islands, as well as the fact that resources are extremely scarce. If you like thoughtful passage, then you will love it.

Merchants on the map |  Basic skyblock card

There are several merchants from whom you can get some items in MCBE.

Diamond ore |  Basic skyblock card

Island with spruce |  Basic skyblock card

Well, and finally – carefully examine in Minecraft every corner on this map… Truly valuable items are hidden in the most inaccessible places. Enjoy your passage!

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