Avatar Addon V2 Overhaul

Avatar Addon V2 Overhaul simply adds the four nations bending capacities from the show Avatar the last Airbender, without demanding experimental gameplay enabled, so it works on waiters, realms, and formerly modded worlds with nearly no pause.

Cre: GlitchyTurtle32 

Avatar Addon V2 Overhaul

When you start the pack, run the command/ function choose to pick your capacities. Do not worry, you can always go back by running the same command again (/ function choose). Still, enter/ execute (their name) function choose If you want a player without command access to choose. 

The options are icon, fire, earth, water, air, and mortal ( normal vanilla Minecraft). To pick, punch to cycle through the options, and skulk when you want to confirm your choice. The moves and capacities of these classes are outlined below, and also in-game.

Have a delightful playing! If you want to report bugs, https//forms.gle/ kn2bveUjaAWk1Q2d8 is your ticket! Special thanks to Riveren for playtesting! Then’s their channel https//www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvRFPEVYuzF-xIaLv1Cffg



Then’s our website for the most over to date packs and bug fixes https//minecrafthorizonst.wixsite.com/my-site

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  • 1.0.6 Changelog
  • Changes
  • Added Niche selection system for all bending types (except icon)
  • Added 2 damage moves for all bending types
  • Added moves for each type that can cancel fall damage ( earth push, magma bottom, etc)
  • Added new 2 moves for each type (12 new moves overall)
  • The health and goods were reoptimized for vanilla
  • Added new bending vesture
  • All commands are now accessible by dropping particulars

Download Avatar Addon V2 Overhaul (Support Creator)

Download Avatar Addon V2 Overhaul (Drive)

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