Assassin and Victims Map for Minecraft on Android

How to play?
After entering the map, you must choose a player who will play as the killer, and all other players will play as the victims.

Roles and locations
Survivors – you must run and hide from the assassin, along the way collecting coins from generators that are scattered throughout the map. The victim cannot attack the killer or inflict any damage on him.

Assassin – he will have weapons and equipment that will appear at the very beginning of the game. The main task of the killer is to hunt the players and kill them, when all the players are caught or can escape, the game is considered over.

Assassin’s cage – all killed players will fall here, any player can save the players in the cage by paying 50 game coins.

Safe Zone – If players are able to collect 50 coins, they can exit through a door that will lead them to a safe zone.
Coin generators are a place where players can get coins, there are 3 such places on the map in total.

This is the location from which the game will begin, it has everything you need to control the gameplay.

Installation instructions for the card!

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