AsaBetter – MCPE AddOns – Minecraft PE addons, mods, maps, shaders, textures packs, skins, and free

AsaBetter – MCPE AddOns – Minecraft PE addons, mods, maps, shaders, textures packs, skins, and free

Do you think about Asbetter??? Do you find Minecraft Bedrock’s limited and uninteresting capabilities to be boring? Do you want to improve your performance? That’s correct, but I’m here to change that by giving you a fantastic Resource bundle. By altering the UI, Asabetter can improve your gaming experience. The resource pack is unique in that it has an anime motif. Details are in the following description.

Cre: Asaki Zuki (Youtube)


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Start Screen Asabetter

Start screen will look cleaner


Setting Screen

There will be a quick setting panel for you to set up, the buttons will have the words ON/OFF for you to recognize


The quick setting button in the upper right corner will help you get to the settings screen faster


Some Minecraft Textures Packs you can check in

New Play Screen


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New Progress Screen



The bottom left corner of the screen will show which device you are using, gamemode, operating system (iOS/Android) and input

The bottom right corner has the Armor HUD, which tells you what armor you are wearing, is there any enchantment

The top right corner will show the compass and clock on the HUD

Next to Bossbar there will be Health Bar Percent

In Hotbar, there will be more Offhand Display, Mainhand Display, Item Durability Percent and Item AUX ID Viewer


There is an additional Mod Menu that can be accessed by double- clicking the Menu button on the Pause screen to assist you in configuring your HUD.

In mod menu.json, default settings can also be changed.


New Inventory UI, Chest UI

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Quickcraft: Helps you craft faster

  • There are 3 modes for all container screens:
  1. Normal Mode
  2. Drop one mode: Helps you drop an item when clicking on that item slot
  3. Auto place mode: Helps you loot items faster

Quick Trade: Helps you trade with villagers faster

Trade UI
Makes all locked trades visibles and allows to see the locked item names and enchantments

Drop one item: Used to drop 1 item

Brewing Screen

Brewing Screen will have a table of recipes on the side, you just need to click on the potion you need to brew and it will display the recipe for you


Pause Screen


Player List will have its own screen


To prevent you from unintentionally hitting the Save & Quit button, a window will ask you if you want to depart the world before you do so.



Added a subpack where you can select the pack’s theme.
Date Fans of this anime series can enjoy a live theme, but there won’t be any animated characters.


Thank you everyone for your interest in my pack, I have tried my best to make it and help you have the best game experience

-Fixed an issue where the health bar and food bar were skewed to the side

-To be able to open the menu mods now have to double-click instead of single-click
-When you double-click on any item in the recipe book, you will either get that item (Creative Mode) or craft it (Survival Mode)

-Add Effect Status on screen

-Change the mod menu, when the main mod is disabled, the sub-mods will be hidden


Download Asabetter (Linkverstise)

Download Asabetter (Link Backup)

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