Arid mod for Minecraft

Name fashion Arid speaks for itself – the desert in Minecraft Bedrock will become much bigger, bigger and even more dangerous. Desert biomes will be filled with lots of objects, mobs and blocks… You can meet new mobs, explore dungeons and get valuable resources.

New Blocks
Many different blocks are generated in the desert caves, as well as a new ore – the desert crystal. Most of the blocks are used as decorations, except for ore. Ore is only generated below level 65 and is used to craft equipment.

  • Mica
  • Desert gneiss
  • Quartz gneiss
  • Slate
  • Desert Crystal Ore
Generation of caves in the desert
Desert Crystal Ore under the Torch

Desert Crystal Equipment
The durability of tools and armor is 325 units.

  • Sword: 6.5 damage
  • Ax: 5.5 damage
  • Pickaxe: 4.5 damage (similar to an iron pickaxe in capabilities)
  • Hoe: 4.5 damage
  • Shovel: 3.5 damage
  • Armor gives 9.5 out of 10 points of defense – 0.5 less than diamond or netherite

Sand dune
There are three different sizes available. Serves as a decoration for the desert biome.

Sand dune

Dead tree
A useful source of wood in the desert. There are three different sizes.

Dead tree

The most important place for weary travelers with water, food and coconuts.


Palm wood
From it you can get planks, and from planks you can get half-blocks and stairs. In addition, you can create sticks, wooden tools and workbenches.

A new block in which to split coconuts.

Craft splitter

A nut from which a drink is created that grants regeneration, resistance, speed for 30 seconds (effect level – 2). Crafting requires half a coconut, desert crawler eyes, and a bottle.

Getting Chopped Coconut

Getting a drink from coconut

Getting a drink from coconut

Dungeon in the pyramid
A huge cave full of surprises – mobs, treasures and more. You will also have to fight the boss at the end.

Dungeon in the pyramid
Mummy in the dungeon


  • Health: 30 units
  • Attack: 6 units
  • Sometimes appears with armor
  • Spawns only in desert dungeons
  • Drop: 0-2 mummy clothes (used to craft paper)

Desert crawler

  • Health: 20 units
  • Attack: 3 units
  • Spawns in the night desert or desert dungeon
  • Drop: 0-2 strands, 0-2 desert crawler eyes
Desert crawler


  • Health: 1 unit
  • Passive
  • Appears more often in the desert
  • Drop: 0-2 sticks and 0-3 dead bush


  • Health: 350 units
  • Shoots poisonous traps: if you step on them, the effect of poison will be superimposed
  • Often spawns two mummies
  • Drop: many useful things, as well as the staff of Anubis with a 20% chance (imposes poison and slowdown when attacking for 3 seconds, and also poisons everyone around when pressed for a long time)

Don’t forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings

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