Animated Blocks v7 – Addon / Texture for Minecraft PE

Animated Blocks v7 - Addon / PE Texture

Animated Blocks Texture is a special add-on for animated blocks в Minecraft PE.

The addon has special textures that will be animated from familiar and ordinary blocks. Each of the blocks listed below will receive its own unique animation. It looks nice and very cool. Bring your own game world to life using animated blocks. I advise you to download and try it yourself.

List of animated blocks:
– Ores;
– Blocks of diamond, emerald and redstone;
– Lighthouse;
– Stove;
– Enchanting table;
– Music Box;
– Light block;
– Brewery;
– Torch;
– Other.

You better see all the details and a visual demonstration of the add-on in this video trailer. The author will show the animation of each block and object in turn. Looks very nice.

How to install?
– Download McPack file;
– Open Minecraft PE;
– Go to Settings> global resources> activate texture pack;
– Restart Minecraft PE.

Animated Blocks v7 - Addon / PE Texture
Animated Blocks v7 - Addon / PE Texture

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