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I tried to persuade my friend to let me stand on his shoulders so that I could enter the village house marked “For Golems Only”. What is their home? I bet everything, especially food, is rich in iron!

Be that as it may, it turns out that not only people feel the desire to stand on top of each other – buildings also like it. Just look at these little houses by Juan Sebastian Mursi!

I have a lot of catching up to do to learn how to create such amazing builds. Sebastian started building seven years ago when Minecraft still on version 1.4.6. It was at that time that the fireworks were added, apparently the studio Mojang knew about joining the ranks of the builders of the talented Sebastian and greeted him with bright lights. In fact, hiring a diviner was a smart investment.

Today Sebastian is a content creator for a play store. However, in the Slums and Homes build, the goal was not to share skins and resource packs, but to communicate the rich and the poor.

“Once I was watching the news of my country, Colombia, where they showed the complete inequality of people,” says Sebastian. “Then I got the idea to create an assembly in the game that would convey the inequality of not only my country, but any other. I wanted to make it look like a nice structure with a nice shape. “

At the top of a high island, a palace proudly rises above the water. Glittering wide windows beneath multi-tiered domes suggest ballrooms and lavish parties inside. But below, at the base of the estate, there are slums. From the beach, it looks like a multitude of tiny houses propping up a stately home.

Sebastian was looking for ideas for an estate on Pinterest and Artstationbut there was no need to go far for ideas for the construction of a slum. “The basis for the low-income areas was the 13th commune in Madalyin,” he says. “It matched the plot and style of my project.”

The real commune 13 is built on a hillside and can be reached using outdoor escalators. Can you imagine how much redstone would be needed to create them? But Sebastian is only encouraged by such difficulties, his commune in Minecraft full of light, which gives the surroundings a bright, attractive look.

“Everywhere there are people who have something to show this world, but, unfortunately, they are deprived of the opportunity to do it. Some come from poor areas and, with or without money, they have talent. But many of them do not have the necessary tools to help them show their talents. “

If you look closely, you will see that the slums are sprawling, and some have even seeped onto the roof of the estate, and their warm yellow windows peep out from behind the domes like little peepholes. It’s nice to think that they enjoy the same sea view as the rich inhabitants of the palace. Perhaps even a little better.

“I wanted to show that people with lower incomes are exactly the same as the rich,” says Sebastian. “They can stand out despite social differences. That’s why I built their houses all over the place, even on the mansions. “

Sebastian says that the server helped him a lot. Builder’SRefugewhich he describes as the best server for builders Minecraft Bedrock among all the existing ones.

“This is a very welcoming place,” says Sebastian, “thanks to them, I was able to make this project a reality.”

I think we all need a server for builders where we can support each other and share our achievements. Please let me know when you find the server of professionals in building mud blocks that only fit a bed.

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