Allied Archers Mod | Ender Archer Friend for Minecraft

Ender Archer Friend modification will add two mobs that can become your faithful allies in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Reliable protection from monsters is provided.

Functions of the Ender Archer Friend mod

Ender Girl |  Allied Archers Mod

Mod called the Ender Archer Friend are two mobs in Minecraft – a girl and a guy. They have all the features of normal endermen, like teleportation. Tame them into MKPE you can use bread.

Ender guy |  Allied Archers Mod

After you tame them, they have a 50% chance to gain armor.

Armor |  Allied Archers Mod

If they are in Minecraft BE If they meet a mob that they can ride, they will immediately sit on top of it:

  • wolf;
  • spider;
  • mushroom cow;
  • a pig;
  • an ordinary cow.

Riding a mob |  Allied Archers Mod

Propagate them into MCPE you can use apples. Have a good game!

Child |  Allied Archers Mod

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