Air Race Card | SkyRace by Toogitt for Minecraft

Mini game Air Race (SkyRacebyToogitt) Will appeal to fans of multiplayer survival in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn. Get ahead of your friends by climbing to the very top cards.

How to play the SkyRace by Toogitt map

Final card |  Air Race Map

The aim of the game on the SkyRace by Toogitt map is as simple as a steamed turnip: your task is to be the first in Minecraft Bedrock Edition to the edge of the card at the top. Get and place blocks, and then climb on them.

All players will spawn in Minecraft in the arena of 64×64 blocks.

Spawn location |  Air Race Map

When starting the map can be set to MKPE rules – equipment, activating mobs and obtaining rare items.

Map settings |  Air Race Map

Can be restarted map at the end of the session.

Pressure Plates |  Air Race Map

The game ends at Minecraft PE at the very top – activate the pressure plate. Enjoy your passage!

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