Aesthetic Skin Pack Minecraft (Male & Female)

Aesthetic Skin Pack are a variety of both unique and vintage-like skins which also include halloween-like skins dueto spooky season arriving upon the horizon; however, during this skin pack, unfortunately, there are more female skins than male skins since female skins are hottest.

Cre: Awhbbs (Instagram)

Aesthetic Skin Pack

Here I even have the skins pictures:

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Because most have asked politely, I even have decided to seek out and add more male skins. this is often because i’ve noticed that this skin pack does indeed lack male skins – my apologies. you’ll find the male skins (and roughly around 6 more female skins((also added the simplest looking Rantaro Amami skin as requested by someone) on the separate link. enjoy.

I also apologise for less than a couple of male skins being added onto this skin pack, it’s only because there’s a couple of great male skins generally , so it had been really tough finding nice male skins.

mcpeaddons download

Download Aesthetic Skin Pack (Mediafile) 

Download Aesthetic Skin Pack (Drive)

Download Moreaestheticskins.mcpack 

or here (Drive)

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