Advanced skyblock card | Boost – Skyblock for Minecraft

Everything that remains unchanged on map Extended skyblock (Boost – Skyblock) – a spawn place with a small amount of resources in the MCBE, as well as several islands. This is where the similarities end.

Spawn - top view |  Extended skyblock card

Spawn location in MCPE is a tree that sits on an infinite block of land. Not far from you will be a water barrel and a container with lava. It is also endless. By the way, you need to look for a barrel of water – it is inside the tree, be careful.

There is a teleporter not far from the place with lava, which will send you to Minecraft for Android to a special workbench made of blackstone, which allows you to compress blocks.

Compressed Blackstone |  Extended skyblock card

Items can also be obtained at the workbench.

Custom workbench |  Extended skyblock card

On map there is also another device in the form of weeping obsidian.

Weeping Obsidian |  Extended skyblock card

Put a block of compressed cobblestone on it, and get a completely random resource in Minecraft Bedrock… The main goal on the map, as in any other of its kind, is to cut the dragon out.

Game start button |  Extended skyblock card

Command Blocks |  Extended skyblock card

Have a good game!

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