9 staves mod for Minecraft Android

Slime wand
Thanks to this wand, you will be able to move much faster, and also holding it in your hands will not take damage from falling.

Staff of Healing
Thanks to this staff, you will receive regeneration, which will allow you to replenish health, and by holding it in your hands, you will receive an additional 13 health hearts.

Wand of Underwater Breathing
As you might have guessed from the name, this rod allows you to breathe underwater.

Wand of teleportation
This wand will shoot edge pearls and teleport you to where the pearl fell.

Zombie wand
This staff is able to summon a huge zombie, which will begin to fight all the mobs. If you summon another zombie, they will start fighting each other.

Fire staff
This staff is capable of shooting fireballs that will deal 12 points of damage and set the object on fire.

Hunger rod
Thanks to this wand, you can instantly restore hunger, and most importantly, it is very simple to make.

Staff of illumination
Using this staff, you can make all objects that are nearby, including you, glow, and also get protection from fire.

Loot staff
This staff is capable of digging up 3×3 blocks, which will allow you to extract the necessary resources much faster.

For the mod to work, be sure to turn on the experimental mode functions, as shown in the picture below.

Installation instructions for the mod!

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