5 best Minecraft realistic texture packs of 2022

5 best Minecraft realistic texture packs of 2022

Although the aesthetics in Minecraft are appealing, some gamers prefer a more realistic experience in their gaming.

In this sense, there are a plethora of mods and texture packs available to alter the appearance of Minecraft’s numerous blocks. Players may give Minecraft a far more realistic look by using mods that improve lighting effects and packs that change the skybox, comparable to other more realism-based survival crafting games. When it comes to mods and texture packs, no matter what a player’s preferences are, there’s something for everyone. Even though the year 2022 has only just begun, several extremely realistic texture packs are already available.

Minecraft: Top realism texture packs of 2022 so far

5) Depixel

Depixel by Schmueles blends a realistic feel with Minecraft’s vanilla block designs to maintain the game’s original aesthetic while giving it a more realistic feel.


Depixel, formerly known as Default 32×32, preserves the recognized blocks that players adore while cleaning out some of the extra pixels from their textures and magnifying them to a greater resolution. It isn’t the most photorealistic texture pack by any means, but not all players require extreme photorealism and would rather have the game’s natural look with a softer touch.

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4) Legendary RT

Legendary RT by Legendary Knight is a high-resolution version of Minecraft that comes in a variety of resolutions to accommodate a player’s preferences and maybe fit inside their hardware limits.

Legendary RT

Because Legendary RT comes in 256x, 512x, and 1024x texture resolutions, it’s a wonderful option for anyone concerned about their texture pack putting too much strain on their graphics system. Despite the fact that this pack gives construction blocks a highly smooth appearance, many natural blocks still have distinct features that contrast the natural and man-made worlds.

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3) Alacrity

Alacrity by Satellence is a huge step up from vanilla Minecraft without fully deviating from it, not overdoing things with realism but still maintaining a stunning design. Having saying that, the level of variation in Alacrity is astounding.


The textures are already crisp and pleasing to the eye, with a variety of variances. This means that players are unlikely to see two identical blocks with the same texture adjacent to each other. Players’ worlds should feel considerably more alive and less artificially manufactured with that much variation.

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2) Fantastik

Fantastik by n87 Design is a Physically Based Rendering texture that interacts particularly well with lighting effects due to its rendering style. As a result, each block in a player’s game area reacts differently to various light sources.


The textures are generated in a stunning 2048x resolution, resulting in vastly magnified textures that look amazingly lifelike. The textile fibers of sheets may be seen on beds, and obsidian’s sheen casts reflections. Crying obsidian has precise purple scarring throughout the block, and the sheen casts reflections. This year, only a few texture packs have come close to matching this degree of realism.

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1) Optimum Realism

Optimum Realism by Atmosphere Of Tech, rendered in 2048x resolution, utilises the real-world counterparts of blocks and sets them in Minecraft. Rather than refining the game’s own blocks, real-world photorealism is used instead. Optimum Realism strikes a wonderful balance between visual quality and performance, despite the fact that it appears to be a resource-intensive pack.

Optimum Realism

128x and 512x resolutions are also available for gamers who are still having trouble with the pack’s performance hit. The pack has a lot of variety, including things like sticks and twigs on grass blocks and bananas on jungle blocks. Optimum Realism is one of the best packs to start with if players want a fresh lifelike experience in 2022.

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