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«3D Bunny Costumes” – this is modwhich makes players and mobs Minecraft Bedrock more cute by adding a white bunny costume. Supplement is supported in both survival mode and creativity.

The rabbit costume consists of several parts:

  • Rabbit hat;
  • Rabbit top;
  • Rabbit pants;
  • Rabbit boots.

This suit is used in the same way as vanilla armor Minecraft… To create a costume, use the crafting recipes from the picture below.

Installing 3D Bunny Costumes (.mcpack)

  • Download mod with notice – “.mcpack“Below.
  • Run the downloaded file, thereby you import the addon / texture into Minecraft.
  • Open up Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to world settings.
  • Set for the world imported:
    Resource kits.
    Add-on kits.
  • Select the imported resource packs / addon in each section.
  • We recommend that you restart the game client after that. Minecraft ON.
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition, go to the previously configured world Minecraft and enjoy the addon!

Installing 3D Bunny Costumes (.zip)

  • Download this mod below.
  • Extract two folders from the archive.
  • Move the folder “3D Bunny Costumes»To the folder /games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/
  • Move the folder “3D Bunny Costumes»To the folder /games/com.mojang/resource_packs/
  • Run Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • Create a new world or edit an existing one.
  • Fit for the selected world resource package and addonwhich you previously moved to the folder resource_packs and behavior_packs.
  • Done! Restart Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

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