Мод Warden and Archeology для Minecraft

Unfortunately, in the first part of the Caves and Rocks update, we were never able to get acquainted with the new cave mob and did not even learn about archeology. But with fashion Warden and Archeology you you can not only meet the Watchman, but also apply new functions in archeology… The mob will spawn naturally in Minecraft.

To immediately see the Watchman, you need to register the command /function Warden… You will receive a spawn egg and rolling blocks.

Obtaining blocks and items using commands

All new blocks will be in the inventory.

Skalk blocks and watchman


  • Huge mob
  • Health: 84 units
  • Damage: 31
  • Extremely fast and agile
  • The mob is completely blind, therefore it focuses on sounds and vibrations
  • Use snowballs, arrows and other things to confuse the mob
Scalk blocks

To activate the function, you need to register the command /function Archeology.

Archeology function activation

Brushes can be found in archaeological sites around the world.

Archeology brushes
Custom structure

The structures will have blocks of gravel or earth that you can apply brushes on to get items.

Applying brushes to gravel

Don’t forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings

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