Мод Ultimate Block Breaker для Minecraft

Mod Ultimate Block Breaker introduces special elements capable of destroying any blocksexcept for the bedrock in Minecraft. The new blocks are ideal for creating block generators such as cobblestone. The elements are easy to use and suitable for a variety of purposes. Blocks can be improved and moved with pistons, so you can create various mechanisms.


Properties of objects made of different materials

Examples of using

  • Automatic cobblestone generator
  • Automatic ore production
  • Creation of large quarries

How it works?
Upgrade items allow you to upgrade your block breakers. Please note that you can only upgrade one level: you cannot upgrade a wooden destroyer to a diamond one – only a gradual transition.

Block Breakers, upon activation, break any blocks in front of them. Have a recharge between activations.

Activated Iron Block Breaker
Crafting a wooden block breaker

Supported versions

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