Мод Tal’s Armour Rework для Minecraft

Mod Tal’s Armour Rework aims to change the craft and appearance of armor in the world Minecraft Bedrock… For this, the classic design of the armor was retained, and problems that the author did not like were fixed. For example, the shimmering textures have been removed, and the recipes have been replaced so that Iron, Diamond, and Netherite Armor are balanced properly.

Version 1.1.4

Players in different types of armor

First option

  • Classic version from the previous update
Choice of options

Second option

  • The ability to hide the helmet
  • The item will be visible in the inventory or on other mobs
Choosing the options to hide the helmet
Hidden Helmet in Armor

The third option

  • Wolf version of the helmet
  • Iron, Diamond and Netherite Armor gets a special look
  • Item icons will also be updated

Fourth option

  • Similar to the second option, hides the helmet
Hiding helmet option

Fifth option

  • Minimalist design
  • The author changed the name and type of equipment
  • Changes only affected chain, iron, diamond and netherite armor

Sixth option

  • Minimalistic armor without a helmet
Minimalistic armor without a helmet

Version 1.1.1

Most of the icons have been changed.
Leather armor

Leather armor

Painted Leather Armor

Painted Leather Armor

Golden armor

Golden armor

Chain mail armor

Chain mail armor

Iron armor

Iron armor

Diamond Armor

  • Pieces of diamonds are inserted into the equipment
Diamond Armor

Nezerite armor

  • Increased protective elements and added a golden hue
Nezerite armor

New recipes
Now you need to add the corresponding piece of iron armor to create a diamond version of it (similar to creating netherite armor).

Kraft diamond bib
Crafting a diamond pickaxe

Changes in the new version

  • Fixed bugs with non-standard skins
  • Many texture fixes

Supported versions

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