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Get ready for one of the most ambitious mob add-ons ever Minecraft PE. Mod Magnificents Mob + adds a huge number of new creatures, both aggressive and friendly. The assembly is aimed at improving the gameplay and introducing new, interesting mechanics into the blocky world.

Changes to existing mobs

  • Pigs are tamed with golden carrots: they do not follow the player, but they heal him, you can ride them. Use scissors to remove the saddle. Transform into zombie pigs when struck by lightning
  • New Destroyer Behavior:
    • Rogue – appears in raids and roars if there are more than 4 enemies nearby. Can’t be stunned
    • Wild – randomly spawns around the world. Neutral, but attacks animals. Tameable by riding it before taming.
    • After taming, it protects the player and can be ridden. Cakes are used for treatment
    • Merchant’s pet – the merchant rides a mob, and the mob protects it when attacking. Can’t be tamed
  • Wolves have become stronger and more tenacious
  • You can ride mules using carrots on a stick
  • Cats can give emeralds. Afraid of wolves, hyenas and hylennes
  • Defenders can ride horses
  • Vampire bats appeared
  • Different types of iron golems. Can be healed with iron nuggets, ingots and blocks (blocks give protection)
  • Llamas can be controlled with carrots on a stick
  • Improved Summoner model with new skins. Attack each other when provoked
  • Vindicators can also attack each other when provoked
  • On the contrary, witches will not attack each other
  • New textures for turtles
  • Parrots are tamed, fed and reproduced by cookies
  • Rogues can pick things up from the ground. Got melee fighters and pets
  • Hoglins and Piglins have become more tenacious
  • Goats drop wool
  • Improved the appearance of all spiders, as well as increased health. The babies and mother of spiders appear – always an aggressive mob. Children can be tamed with poisonous potatoes. Cubs can grow to mother with a low chance
  • Small slugs can be picked up with a bucket
  • Polar bears have received a new look, as well as children that can be tamed with food. Protects players and can be ridden after taming

New mobs

  • Beekeeper – at noon goes to the center of the village, and at night gets to the nearest bed
  • Hunter – hunts any living creature with his wolf
  • Freighter – appears if you give a beggar a chest
  • Woodcutter – cuts any wood, so use a torch to prevent it from breaking your houses

Mobs from the Valhalla Guards add-on – link.

  • Lord – the leader of the village with a boss strip. Attacks with a trident or sword. Produces a roar if there are many enemies nearby
  • Crossbowman – you can issue fireworks
  • Knight – uses a shield against projectiles
  • Magician – magic depends on the biome. Can pick up totems
  • Healer – clears negative effects and gives regeneration
Three kinds of villagers
  • Warrior with a shield – protects associates
  • Alchemist – similar to the witch, but from the villagers’ side
  • Warrior – extremely powerful, but not the most tenacious defender of the village
Three defenders of the village

The figure shows the types of robbers.

Types of robbers
  • Necromancer – always wears the totem of immortality and knows how to summon undead to his side. Has three phases
  • Hilena – evil spirits captured and she joined the ranks of robbers
  • Illusionist – a real deceiver, capable of summoning clowns and confusing the player (makes fake sounds, imposes negative effects)
  • Rogue healer – helps other robbers
Rogue Mages
  • Mage shower – new friendly wizard
  • Fiery spirit – dweller of hot biomes, shooting fireballs
  • Wooden protector – small golem
  • Forest wolf – a wooden wolf that can be ridden by wooden defenders
  • Sand shark – the most dangerous mob inhabiting the seas and oceans
  • Lififin – cute little mob with water lilies on its head
  • Snow mob – throws snowballs and can freeze
  • Fallen knights – four types of undead in the form of a player, a pig, a villager and a robber
Four types of undead
  • Lost soul – new summoned mob (spell of the necromancer)
  • Big tusk – a huge stalagmite made of bones and soul sand that does little damage and throws its enemies high into the air (necromancer spell)
  • A robber clone – strong mob that helps allies (magic spell)
  • Fake robber – weak hostile creatures (magic spell)


  • Snakes – aggressive reptiles that deadly attack with their deadly poison, Spawn in the forest, savannah and desert
  • Hyena is a neutral animal that behaves just like a new wolf. Spawns in savannas and deserts
  • Dogs – are similar to cats. Spawn in villages
  • Big beetle / Rhinoceros beetle – neutral mob of forests and savannas, can be tamed with apples and ride with carrots on a stick
  • Camel – desert mobs that you can ride and even put a chest after taming. Follow the caravans
Types of animals
  • Churi – a neutral mob that looks like a jellyfish or a ball. May paralyze on impact
Edge Measurement Structures
  • Flamots – neutral mobs of the Downworld. Three options. Can be tamed as a child
Downworld mobs
  • Zombie pig – appear when lightning strikes a pig. Can be tamed with golden carrots
  • Crows – neutral mobs that can steal your crops. Tamed by rotten flesh, bread, or spider eyes. They huddle on the shoulders, can heal or multiply


  • Itinerant merchant – a new look that comes with camels and new friends
  • Rogue merchant – sells weapons and walks with a destroyer
  • Piglin merchant – cannot be turned into a zombie. Sells Downworld items and a golden mushroom. Comes with hoglin
  • Trained hoglin – currently only a pet of the piglin merchant

New items

  • Golden mushroom (new food and block) – will be used for taming in the future
  • Slime Bucket
  • Churi bucket

New add-on items

Supported versions

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