Мод Lockable Chests для Minecraft

Mod Lockable Chests adds a useful function for Minecraft Bedrock… In Game chests will appear that can be locked with key cards… Each of them can only be unlocked by the owner, so chests can be used in their survival cards or other assemblies to store valuable items.

Lock chest
The block cannot be destroyed if it is locked. Neither fire, nor lava, nor water – nothing can break the chest. Even the / kill command won’t help. To open, you need the corresponding color of the key card. Chests can also be renamed.

Lock chest

Crafting requires 4 iron blocks and a chest.

Crafting a chest with a lock
Lockable chest on the side

They can be painted with dyes. If you want to repaint the chest, you first have to break it, install it and paint it again.

Colored chests

Key card
Used to open chests. They can be recolored and even renamed for use in your assemblies.

Key cards

For crafting, you need a redstone and an iron ingot.

Craft key card

Available in 15 shades for coloring.

Key card staining
Multi-colored key cards

Recognition module
The element allows you to lock the chest and open only one player. No key cards will help if the recognition module is applied. The chest will only belong to the owner.

Recognition module
Craft recognition module

Destroyer of chests
Picks, axes and other tools will not help you get chests, so you will have to use a destroyer.

Destroyer of chests
Chest destroyer craft


Supported versions


1.16.220 (beta)

1.16.210 (beta)





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