Мод Left 4 Dead | Left 4 Craft для Minecraft

The mod on the theme of Left 4 Dead (Left 4 Craft) fits perfectly into Minecraft Bedrock Edition, if only because the main enemies in the game are the undead. Skeletons in the furnace – they do not belong to this mod. But zombies are 100% suitable!

Functions of the Left 4 Craft mod

Gray zombie |  Left 4 Dead mod

Brown zombie |  Left 4 Dead mod

In total, the mod called Left 4 Dead (Left 4 Craft) implements in Minecraft fifteen new types of zombies. All of them will spawn naturally in the game and will not let you and your friends get bored. Yes, the most useful use modifications it is in multiplayer Minecraft.

Witch |  Left 4 Dead mod

Clown |  Left 4 Dead mod

Here are the zombies he will add to the game:

  • Gray zombie;
  • Brown;
  • Witch (from F4D);
  • Clown;
  • Zombie with a spawner;
  • Explosive zombies;
  • Sliders;
  • Giants;
  • “Tank”;
  • Updated villager zombie;
  • Spiked;
  • Spider Zombies;
  • “Tanka” Santo;
  • Zimogora-zombie;
  • Goblin zombie.

With a spawner |  Left 4 Dead mod

With explosives |  Left 4 Dead mod

Pozuny |  Left 4 Dead mod

Giant |  Mod Left 4 Dead

Tank |  Left 4 Dead mod

The villager |  Left 4 Dead mod

Spiked |  Left 4 Dead mod

Spider |  Left 4 Dead mod

Santa |  Left 4 Dead mod

Some types of dead in Minecraft Pocket Edition will spawn in certain biomes, while others will spawn almost everywhere. It would be nice to bring firearms into the game, but so far the author has not done so – we are content with a vanilla arsenal. The author also recommends playing with another modification – “A lot of hearts”, where zombies have completely different drops. Whatever you are looking for, we have put it in one archive, in a neighboring folder. For the correct operation of Left 4 Dead, activate in the settings cards experimental features. Have a good game!

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