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We think no one will refuse to make Minecraft a little more interesting and more fun. What needs to be done for this? The installation option is fine. fashion Disciples of the Void… Assembly includes many mobs with which the player has to fight… The battles will be extremely difficult, so you will have to prepare properly and study the enemies.


So far, there are four new bosses available, which spawn quite rarely (with a 5% chance). In addition, the author presented two items and four weapons.

How do I spawn mobs?
First you need to get a Broken End Crystal.

Obtaining a Broken Ender Crystal

Then you need to bottle the Void extract. This potion will be applied to certain mobs to make them bosses.

Obtaining the Void Extract

Bravlatar, beast of the Nether

  • Spawns by breeding two piglins
  • Based on the zombie pigman, but attacks like a cruel piglin
  • Spawns everywhere in the Downworld
  • Drops the Mortal Sword of Bravlatavr, which sacrifices speed for strength
Bravlatar, beast of the Nether
Death Sword Bravlatar

Eribus, Emperor of the Land

  • Spawns if you give Nether Extract to an Enderman
  • Based on the enderman, but attacks like other mobs
  • Spawns everywhere in the End dimension
  • Drops the Emperor’s Sword, which allows you to teleport
Eribus, Emperor of the Land
Emperor's Sword

Alatar, Nether Mage

  • A mutated evoker that is significantly stronger than its predecessor
  • Can summon vexes, wither skeletons, zimogors, dragon fireballs, alatins (own minions)
  • Able to use a special attack that instantly kills the player. To avoid death, you need to look at the particles
  • Spawns in covered forests
  • Drops Alathar’s Magic Sword, which shoots random projectiles

Deathblade, Void Reaper

  • Empowered Wither Skeleton
  • Spawns in Downworld Fortress
  • Destroys grass, dirt, stone
  • Drops the Saw of Death of the Blade of Death: if you step on the fire, the player will gain speed and strength for 10 seconds instead of a part of health

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