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Mod Beyond the Underground introduces new types of caves to explore in Minecraft. Be careful: caves contain many dangers in the form of creepy mobs, but you can get valuable materials for crafting equipment. There are currently two types of caves available, but there will be more in the future.

Glowing caves

  • Generated only under mushroom islands
  • There are no aggressive mobs here
  • Many plants: giant glowing mushrooms, common mushrooms, glowing vine that emit light
Glowing caves

Glowing Mushroom Stew

  • 1 bowl and 2 glowing mushrooms
  • Restores 6 units of hunger
  • Gives night vision for 15 seconds
Glowing Mushroom Stew

Luminite ore

  • Valuable ore generated in glowing caves
  • Generated at levels from -64 to 12 (1-12 in the normal world)
  • Upon destruction, the player will receive 1-2 shards of luminite


  • Craftable with 8 shards of luminite and 1 diamond
  • Impervious to explosions
  • Used to craft equipment
Luminite craft

Material properties table

  • Luminite is better than netherite
Material properties table

Mushroom elf

  • Can be fed with glowing mushrooms
  • Spawn in groups of 4 to 8 units in glowing caves
  • Have 8 units of health
  • Die instantly in lava
  • Run away from the player if he does not hold mushrooms
  • Drops 0-2 units of glowing mushrooms
Mobs in the cave

Mucous sewerage

  • Generated only under swamps
  • Dangerous location due to green fog
    Plants and Blocks: A layer of slimy stone that slows the player down, a slime layer, slimy flowers and slimy sprouts. Mucus also drips from the top
Mucous sewerage

Slime soup

  • 1 bowl and 2 balls of mucus
  • Restores 3 units of hunger
  • Gives jump increase 2 and resistance 2 for 5 seconds
  • Has a 45% chance to inflict 1 hunger for 30 seconds and 2 nausea for 20 seconds
Slime soup

Slimy zombies

  • Spawn in the mucous sewer in a group of up to 7 units
  • Health: 20 units
  • Shoots balls of slime with 7 damage
  • Drop: Rotten Flesh and Hardened Orbs of Slime

Slugs can also appear here.

Slimy zombies

Limestone caves

  • Only generated in the desert
  • Dusty place with yellow fog
  • All stone replaced with limestone and sandstone blocks
  • You can also get into quicksand here.
  • Sandy roots hang from the ceiling
  • Scorpions and cadavers spawn
Limestone caves


  • Spawn in limestone caves in groups of 2 to 4 units
  • Health: 16 units
  • Effect: poison for 10 seconds
  • Drops a raw scorpion (or cooked if they die in fire or lava)

Scorpion cooking

  • Raw scorpion
    • Refills 1 hunger unit
    • Gives poison 2 for 10 seconds, nausea 3 for 8 seconds and hunger 3 for 10 seconds
    • Can be used to craft deadly poison potions
    • You can cook
  • Cooked scorpion: restores 5 units of hunger
Scorpion cooking

Making a Potion of Deadly Poison

Making a Potion of Deadly Poison

Limestone dungeons

  • Generated at levels 6-47
  • 4 spawners: 2 scorpions and 2 cadavers
  • A chest is generated
Limestone dungeons

Limestone types

Limestone types

Selecting add-on settings

  • Choose option 1.18 only if you are using beta versions
  • Choose option 1.17 only if you are using 1.17.0
  • 1.17 uses an old system that does not allow generating caves
  • Choosing the wrong package will lead to errors
Selecting add-on settings


  • Thick green fog also appears in swamps
  • Breaking certain blocks with a luminite pick, shovel, or ax does not consume durability
  • Luminite tools can be enchanted to effect efficiency, but will have no effect
  • Items are used instead of blocks.
  • Due to technical limitations, plants and slime droplets will not break when the support block is destroyed
  • Due to technical limitations, luminous mushrooms, shining vines, layers of mucus, slimy flowers, slimy sprouts and dripping mucus are not destroyed by water or lava and cannot be flooded

Don’t forget to turn on Experimental options in the map settings if you are using beta versions

Changes in the new version

  • New types of caves
  • New dungeons
  • New mobs
  • New items
  • Fixed bugs
  • Biomes, mobs, textures and more changed

Supported versions (beta)

1.16.220 (beta)

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