Дод Порше 964 RWB | Porsche 964 RWB для Minecraft

Now such suitable cars are no longer produced. And there are not so many of them in the world. And thanks to mod Porsche 964 RWB (Porsche 964 RWB) you can get such a car in Minecraft Bedrock Edishn.

A bit of history. The 964 is not a full-fledged model, but an index inside the Porsche plant in Stuttgart, where this model has been produced for 6 years, starting in 1989. Officially, the Porsche 964 RWB (Porsche 964 RWB) is considered to be the third generation, not inferior to the 930 and 911 projects in terms of epic character and vitality. Minecraft for Android.

Author fashion downright went out of his way by adding one car in several colors.

Green signal.

Green signal |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

Candy red.

Candy red |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

Matte black.

Matt black |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

Purple satin.

Purple Satin |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

The whole car model in Minecraft PE looks very cool, both from the side and from the back.

Red - side view |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

Satin - a kind of szadi |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

The interior is also present.

Interior |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

In addition, the Porsche has a number of features:

  • Several locations;
  • Own inventory;
  • Custom animations;
  • Own sounds.

Porsche - kind of szadi |  Mod Porsche 964 RWB

Get one in Minecraft Pocket Edition There are two ways – to call a spawn egg through the creative inventory, or enter any of these commands into the console:

  • /summon p964:sgreen
  • /summon p964:mblack
  • /summon p964:cred
  • /summon p964:spurple

Have a good game!

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